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How To: Use Categories

Updated: August 26, 2012

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The Verizon Thinkfinity Community does not have traditional folders to file documents like you find on your desktop computer. Instead, it relies on keywords called "tags." Members uploading documents should choose a few tags to describe the content in the document. When other members search the site, they'll find any information tagged with their search keywords.


However, group owners can assist group members by creating categories relevant to their group. Once you create categories, the group can use them to sort content including documents, blogs, and discussions. Groups with lots of content might want to use the categories widget. The widget uses the defined categories to create a file or folder system for the group.



Managing and Creating Categories
  1. Locate the Manage tab in the group's main navigation bar.
  2. Select Categories.
  3. Edit, Add, or Remove categories from this window.
  4. Assist new members by checking Apply this new category to all content using the suggested tag. When a member creates content, matching tags will hint to the user to select the associated category.


Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 8.35.09 PM.png


    5. When complete, select Save. (You may return to this page at anytime.)


Using Categories
  1. When creating a new content item, select the category that best describes the item.
  2. Add relevant tags, or keywords, as well. Note: If the group owner has set up tag suggestions, as you enter keywords, relevant categories will be highlighted.
  3. Complete your document, post, or blog.


Using the Categories Widget

If your group has a lot of content, you might want to use the categories widget to help organize the content and make it easier to locate. Only group owners can add the categories widget to a group page.


  1. Select Manage > Overview Page.
  2. From the widget list, select Other and then Categories.
  3. Select the green, Drag to Add button and drag the widget onto your layout. Note: The categories widget only works in a large column.
  4. Select Publish Layout.
  5. The widget will automatically populate blogs, discussions, documents, and polls from your group that have a category associated with them.


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