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Computer Science


Unleash your inner geek! Dive into Verizon Thinkfinity’s computer science resources, such as interactive games, lessons and an artifact or two, which can be used to support STEM initiatives in your classroom.

Recommended Computer Science and STEM Resources


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Lesson Plans

Organization 2: My Computer Folder

Science NetLinks | Lesson | K-2
This lesson helps students recognize that computer folders and files help people organize things in order to make it easier to find things later.

Searching for Oil: The Role of Science and Technology

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 9-12
Explore how geoscientists use technology and computer modeling to find oil and natural gas.

Slush Rush

Science NetLinks | Lesson | 3-5
Students will be introduced to how computer models can help people make decisions or learn about real-world events.


Air Guitar

Science NetLinks | Podcast | 6-12
Hear how computer scientists in Finland have turned his air guitar rock fantasy into a multimedia reality.

Averaging Faces

Science NetLinks | Podcast| 6-12
In this age of identity theft and global terrorism, it's become more and more important to create reliable forms of ID. Listen to how creating composite faces may help computers recognize people.

Brain to Brain Interface

Science NetLinks | Podcast | 6-12
The idea of communicating thoughts from one person to another has been a central element of all kinds of science fiction.  Now, scientists have successfully transmitted information from one brain to another even thought it isn’t quite what you see in the movies.

Computer Composer

Science NetLinks | Podcast | 6-12
Computers have been used in making music for decades now, but usually require a human programmer to tell the computer exactly what to do.  Now, a new artificial intelligence system can crank out infinitely long, spontaneous compositions that suit particular moods.

Greedy Computers

Science NetLinks | Podcast| 6-12
Hear from this report how computers have created a whole host of new environmental problems even as they apparently solve older ones.

SETI at Home Upgrade

Science NetLinks | Podcast| 6-12
SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is looking for more recruits to hunt for aliens with their home computers.


Apple “Classic” Macintosh Computer

History Explorer | Primary Source |  K-12
See Apple’s Macintosh personal computer, introduced in 1984.

Paying Bills Online

ProLiteracy | Resource | Adult Literacy
An engaging short story about a man who sets out to learn how to pay bills online and stumbles onto so many other things he wants to learn that two weeks pass before he gets to the information about paying bills. By then, his wife has written the checks and sent them “snail mail.”

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