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Aviation History Month

Celebrate aviation by honoring the people and events that enabled flight and took us forward into the Space Age.

Space Exploration

Choose any or all of the resources from this collection to take you to the moon and beyond.
All Grades | Collection

Heroes Around Us

How do you define heroism? Research the lives of those who made aviation history. Then use the interactive Timeline Tool to organize and share what you learned.
All Grades | Language Arts | History

Values and Attitudes

Explore the qualities and characteristics that helped the Wright Brothers solve problems and find solutions based on the principles of flight.
Grades 3 -5 | Science

Rescue Mission Game

Play this game to learn about the four forces of flight: lift, drag, thrust, and weight.
Grades 3-5 | Math | Science

Which Direction Should I Go?

Your knowledge of compass directions will come in handy as you create a treasure hunt for your town.
Grades 3-5 | Geography

Long Distance Airplanes

Which attributes will create a paper airplane with the longest flight distance? Test different options to find the winner.
Grades 3-5 | Math | Science

Systems, Up, Up, and Away

Changing parts of a system can affect the outcome. Review data from the performance of a film canister rocket to test that hypothesis.
Grades 3-5 | Science

How Do We Find Our Way?

Compare the way Lewis and Clark used maps and navigation equipment on their expedition to the way a pilot navigates to the right destination.
Grades 6-8 | Geography

Travel in the Solar System

What determines how much time is needed for travel within our Solar System? Explore the concepts of time and distance in the two lessons of this unit.
Grades 6-8 | Math

Faces in Space

This podcast explores the factors that may contribute to burnout for pilots and space travelers.
Grades 6-12 | Science

Rocket Launch

Consider the engineering, economic and social constraints that affect the design of both model rockets and their real counterparts.
Grades 9-12 | Science

Science is a Breeze

Simulate testing of objects in a wind tunnel and learn how the resulting data is used to improve the design of cars.
Grades 9-12 | Science

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