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Stand Your Ground

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Like so many of the legislative moves that the Republicans have pushed through have ended as complete utter failures. In 2005 when the Florida legislature led by the Republicans shoved or should we say rammed through the "Stand your ground bill' has left no doubt that so many Republicans are completely oblivious to the actual reality of what this bill has and continues to do to the general public. The Republican party as usual continues to miss the boat either by the policies the affect the economy or the ones that affect social issues. The 2005 "Stand Your Ground" bill has now proven it has no place in civil society. It is like Doge City in Tampa, Florida today where vigilantly justice prevails when there is no Wyatt Earp around.



In the past two years the number of cases where stand your ground acts have occurred are rising more dramatically. At first this bill was an extension of previous legislation. For instance, when a homeowner faced imminent threat from an intruder who openly tried to use deadly force, the only recourse for the homeowner was to counter with deadly force. But now with so many concealed weapons being in too many hands and most of the time they are in the wrong hands just keeps the death rate climbing. In this latest case a volunteer for a neighborhood crime watch who was known to alert police of only black males has ignited a firestorm of debate.



Bill 776.012 as this stand your ground bill is titled states that the use of deadly force is justified when a person "reasonably" believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. Proponents of the bill {many Republicans} say it is working. It helps prevent more crime and it allows citizens to protect themselves from harm without fear of litigation. What comes to mind is the Good Samaritan law where an innocent bystander just happens to perform lifesaving measures on a complete stranger are now subject to legal actions and pending law suits. A complete antithesis of the current stand your ground law.



What has occurred in this latest incident where this neighborhood watch person did actually break the law by stalking an innocent victim. It is as if he was only targeting black males. A complete and total premeditated act. In this case a black male who just happened to be in an area at the wrong time.

When this law was passed in 2005 like in so many instances where legislation is passed either by Florida's legislature or by Congress the results have turned out to be the complete opposite of their original intentions. For example: in 1994 when Congress passed NAFTA the ending result was and still is that America lost millions and millions of middle class wage jobs. And, those jobs are not going to come back anytime soon. Now, when this stand your ground bill was passed reminds one of Tombstone only this time the the gunslingers are perpetrators who conceal their intentions under the stand your ground law.



We are now back trying to justify a law that should never have been passed in the first place. It also brings into question of the right to bear arms a Constitutional guarantee. But, to revoke this amendment is not the answer to solving the crimes committed or the acts of violent aggression. Societies behavior must change and laws must be passed that reflect societies change. Using technology can also contribute to this change as well in reducing the carnage of our youth today. A first step is to recognize that gun safety must be a priority. It is in this light that technology is applicable. All weapons such as handguns or rifles must be integrated with micro chips so that only the purchaser of that weapon is the only one able to use that weapon. This micro chip also links the gun to local police offices offering a complete computerized manifest of where and when this particular weapon is used. This manifest would then be on hand with local and national police organizations. This would be a start to reduce violent unnecessary deaths. One that should really be considered instead of The Stand Your Ground law that only continues to undermine our whole society.


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