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Recorded Webinars

Listed below are recordings of our most popular webinars available for multiple viewings by you and your colleagues. Simply click on the title of the webinar to access the recording.

Please note that when some of these recordings were made, references to completing a survey and obtaining a certificate of attendance were part of the session. These options are no longer available, so please disregard any references to a survey or certificate that you see/hear within the recorded webinar.

Thanks for visiting us. We hope these recordings will provide good information that you can use in your setting.


General Thinkfinity Topics

    1. Think Possibilities – Thinkfinity’s FREE Online Tools!

Session Length: 30 minutes - There are references to the old Thinkfinity website but there is also a wealth of Thinkfinity resources shown.


Thinkfinity Content Partner Tours

    1. A Tour of ARTSEDGE

Session Length: 32 minutes


    1. A Tour of EconEdLink

Session Length: 24 minutes


    1. A Tour of EDSITEment

Session Length: 32 minutes


    1. A Tour of National Geographic Education

Session Length: 31 minutes


    1. A Tour of Science NetLinks

Session Length: 37 minutes


    1. Civil War Stories from Smithsonian’s History Explorer

Session Length: 31 minutes


    1. Real Stories, Real Stuff: Teaching with Resources from the Smithsonian

Session Length: 61 minutes


    1. Tour of Smithsonian's History Explorer 2.0

Session Length: 40 minutes


    1. A Tour of Wonderopolis™

Session Length: 23 minutes



Targeted Educational Topics


    1. Reaching English Language Learners with Verizon Thinkfinity

Session Length: 88 minutes


    1. School Administrators: Leading with Verizon Thinkfinity

Session Length: 23 minutes

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