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State Standards Alignment Overview

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Verizon Thinkfinity Partner-created lesson plans, interactives, activities, and related resources are developed based on national content standards and aligned to all current, officially-adopted state standards and the Common Core standards in language arts and math.


Common Core Standards Alignments

The 45 states and other entities that elected to adopt the Common Core Standards were given the option to adopt the National Common Core “as is” or with up to 15% changes and additions. The Thinkfinity alignments reflect each state’s adopted version in addition to a set of alignments to the “generic” National common core State Standards with no changes or additions.


The Common Core adoption process is not considered final until the state has revised its high-stakes test to assess based on the state’s version of the Common Core standards. For most states, this will occur in the 2014-2015 school year. Until this process is finalized, Thinkfinity alignments are provided in two subsets that offer both the state’s currently assessed language arts and math standards and also the state’s Common Core version if applicable.


Once the adoption process is completed, or a state education agency notifies Thinkfinity that they are requiring teachers to address the Common Core during the adoption timeline, our team will align only to the Common Core for that subject area. In these cases, the State Standards include the state’s version of the Common Core.


As states update or revise their standards in any content area or move toward finalizing the adoption and assessment of the Common Core, Thinkfinity alignments are updated to reflect these changes.


State Standards Search Engine

Visitors to the Thinkfinity web portal can find resources from our Content Partners aligned to state standards and the Common Core through our State Standards Search Engine []. The top set in the pull-down menu lists the official state standards, which may include Common Core as noted above, and below that users can select their state’s Common Core version if applicable. Once the Common Core adoption process for a state has been completed, the Common Core for language arts and math will be included in the main set so there will only be one choice for that state in the pull-down menu.


The following states have not adopted Common Core at this time.







Teachers in these states can view National Common Core alignments by selecting the first option in the Common Core Standards section of the pull-down menu.


Thinkfinity resources are also aligned to 21st Century Skills, available as an option in the State Standards Search Engine menu.

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