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Presentation Tools


Prezi   is a web-based presentation tool using a map layout and zooming to  show  contextual relationships. Topics are grouped together based on  their  relationships rather than in a linear fashion. Presenters can  easily  alternate between showing a "big picture" view and zooming into a  more  precise topic. Free sign up required, education free and paid education accounts are available.


Sample Prezi Presentation:



VoiceThread  is a web-based tool that allows you have a conversation around groups  of images, videos, presentations and more. This asynchronous environment  allows students to respond using text or their own voice. Free sign up  required, paid education account available for great control and security.


Sample VoiceThread: Updated EDSITEment Website



Sliderocket  is a web-based presentation tool where you and your students can upload  PowerPoint presentations or create new presentations. After creating a  presentation, it can be shared online and others can comment on your  work. Free sign up required, paid non-education subscription is  available.


View our Discussion: Using Sliderocket


Sample SlideRocket:


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