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How To: Set your Status

As with many social networking websites, the Verizon Thinkfinity Community allows users to easily set and update individual status information for sharing with other community members. Your status can be updated in the following ways.


Directions: Set or Update Status through Profile
  1. Select My Stuff > Profile from the gold navigation bar.
  2. Locate your name in the upper left of the Profile window.
  3. Select the link below the name that says, Let others know what you're up to. (if you have never set a status) or Update (if you have previously set a status)
  4. Enter your text message and/or upload an image into the textbox of the Update Status window and select Post.
  5. If the status dialog box does not close automatically, click Dismiss. Your updated status will appear when your browser refreshes.


Directions: Set or Update Status through my Community View
  1. Select Communities > My Community View from the gold navigation bar.
  2. If you have not yet personalized your page, you should see the Community Activity widget present on the page. If so, enter your text message and select Post.
  3. If you wish to upload an image, select Advanced (below the text window) and the Update Status dialog box will open. Select the camera icon to be prompted to browse for an image to upload. Select Post. If you do not find the Community Activity widget on your personalized My Community View Page, select personalize next to the My Community View title in the upper left portion of the window.
  4. In the Widgets window, select Content then Community Activity.
  5. Use the green Drag to Add button to move the widget onto your page.
  6. Select Publish Layout.
  7. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to update your status now and in the future.


Note: For more information see this Help Center document, How To: Personalize Your Community View.


Who sees my status?
  1. Any community member whom you have friended will see your status. You can see your friend's status messages by selecting My Stuff > Friends in the gold navigation bar. The status message of each of your friends (who have set a status) will be seen below their name or username.
  2. Any user who views your profile will see your status message immediately below your name or username in the upper left of the profile window.
  3. Any time you post content to the community (blog post, discussion post, reply, comment, etc.) your name or username appears next to the content subject or title. Any user who mouses over the name/username will see a popup recent activity window that will display the status message along with avatar, name/username and recent activity.
  4. When you update your status message, it will appear in any recent activity or community activity widgets within the community.

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