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How To: Insert a Link in a Discussion or Document, part 1

Updated: August 19. 2012

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It is often useful to reference links to specific websites, bookmarks, documents you have uploaded, or other discussions. Below are directions for linking to an external website, as well as content from within the community.


The link icon is a blue, underlined letter A that lives in the style bar:


Picture 19.png

Inserting a Link to an External Website

  1. Highlight the text that will serve as your active link.
  2. Select the Insert Link icon from the editor above the text field.
  3. Link to an external website by simply inserting the URL and click Insert. The highlighted text will turn blue indicating it is now an active link. Note: Be sure you do not have http:// in this field twice.


Picture 8.png

Linking to Content within the Community

  1. If you want to link to a discussion, document, or bookmark within the Thinkfinity Community, highlight the text that will serve as your active link. Choose the Insert Link icon, and choose the All Content tab dialogue box.
  2. In the Search Terms field, use key words or tags to search for the content you want to link to. By default, all content will be searched. To narrow your search, you can do any combination of the following:
    1. In the What to search area, if you are searching for a specific content type, leave only that box checked.
    2. In the When to search drop down, narrow the time frame you want to search within.
    3. In the Where to search drop down, choose a specific location in the Thinkfinity Community to find the content you are looking for.
  3. When the item appears in your search, select the small option button to the left of your item and click Insert. The words you highlighted should now have an icon indicating what content type it is and will appear blue indicating an active link.


The following example shows a search for the discussion "foreign language." When the user selects the small option button to the left of the item and clicks on Insert, the link to that discussion will be embedded.

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 8.43.27 AM.png  

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