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All About: Communities and Groups

A group or community can be an excellent way to connect colleagues at your school, educators within your state, or community members with a common interest.


Groups can be created by any member on any topic. Since this community is primarily focused on education and technology, we are hoping your groups will address one or both of these topics. We also encourage teachers to create a group that is solely for one or more of their classes.


Communities are created, maintained and managed by the Verizon Thinkfinity Community Staff. Communities are a great way to connect with global Thinkfinity community members, find answers to your questions or explore the many training resources provided by Verizon Thinkfinity.



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Finding a Group or Community
  1. Select Browse All from the gold navigation bar at thetop of the page. Select Communities or Groups.
  2. Choose a community or group that interests you. Use the sarch feature or select a tag of interest to restrict the number of results in the list.
  3. Explore and enjoy the conversations and resources in that group.


Note: You must be a member of a group listed as Members Only or Private in order to post to the group's page.


Joining a Group or Following a Community
  1. Joining a Group
    • Select Browse All > Groups from the gold navigation bar at the top of the page.
    • Locate a group of interest by reading the descriptions. Select the group title to explore recent discussions and other information if the group is an open or members only group,.
    • If you would like to join the group, select Join this Group under the Actions sidebar on the right side of the screen.
    • If the selected group is a private group, you can select Ask to join the group to request membership.
  2. Following a Community
    • Select Browse All > Communities from the gold navigation bar at the top of the page.
    • Locate a community of interest and click on the link to take you to the community page.
    • If you would like to follow the community, select Follow this community under Notifications on the right side of the screen.
Posting a New Discussion to a Group or Community Page
  1. Navigate to the main group or community page; from the Action sidebar select Start a discussion.
  2. Enter a title for your discussion. If the discussion is a question, select Mark this discussion as a Question. People who respond will receive points within the community.
  3. Enter your discussion content and select tag words for your discussion.
    Note: Tag words allow your discussion to be easily searched and located by interested community members. Think of a tag as a simple category name. You can catagorize your documents, discussions, and bog posts with any word or phrase that make sense.
  4. When complete, select Post Message at the bottom of the page.


Replying to a Discussion on a Group or Community Page
  1. To read a discussion, click on the title of the discussion. Replies to a discussion are listed below the initial post. The date of the initial post can be found in the upper left hand corner of the discussion window about the title. Feel free to reply to discussions from any time period. By replying, it will bump the discussion back to the top of the list and might catch someone else's attention.
  2. To reply to a discussion post, select Reply in the bottom right corner of the discussion window, write your reply and select Post Message. Your reply will appear in the list of replies below the initial post.


Creating a New Blog Post in a Group
  1. From the main group page where you would like to create a blog, select Create a Blog Post from the Action sidebar. Please note that you must be a member of a group to create a blog post if the group is a members-only group.
  2. Enter a title and the content for your blog post. You can add links, images, and more using the toolbar at the top of the content box.
  3. Add Tags, simple category words that help organize your posts and make them more easily searchable to other community members.
  4. Change Extend Options by clicking the plus sign to the bottom left of the page. Here, you can add a publish date and time or change commenting options for your post.
  5. Select Publish. Selecting Save or Save and Continue will create a draft of your post.


Commenting on Blog posts in Groups or Communities
  1. From the main group or community page, select the Blog tab beneath the group name.
  2. From the list of posts, slelect the green conversation bubble button to the right of the post title. Additionally, you can select the word Comments from at the bottom of the post listing.
  3. From this window, you can view the comments already published about this post or select Add a comment, to add your own comment.
  4. If you add a comment, make sure to select Add Comment at the bottom of the dialogue box in order to publish your comment. In some cases, a group manager must approve comments before they are published.


Creating a Poll in a Group or Community


You must create a poll in a group or community. You do not have to be a member of that group or community to make a poll unless the group is a private or member's only group. Polls created in open groups will be displayed for all members of the Verizon Thifnkinity Community in My Community View.

  1. On the main group or community page, click Create a Poll in the Actions sidebar.
  2. Enter your question under name. The poll description is optional.
  3. The lifespan of a poll is defined by the Active Date, End Date and Expiration Date. In general, the Active Date must precede the End Date, which must precede the Expiration Date. During the period between a poll's active and end date, it will appear in the forums and members can vote. After the end date, voting is closed but the poll is still visible. After the expiration date, the poll will no longer appear in the community.
  4. Enter your answer choices.
  5. Click Create.


Starting Your Own Group


Before you start a Group, it is a good idea to see if there is a Group already created that meets your needs. In the gold navigation bar, go to Browse All > Groups and search our listings. To start a group from this page, select the light grey Create New Group button in the right column.


From the gold navigation bar, you can also select Create New > Group at any time.


When you start a group, you will want to invite friends to join you, post Discussions and upload Documents to get the conversations started. We ask that group owners be willing to actively maintain the group by answering members' questions and posting fresh content. Visit your group frequently to participate and post new material.


When you start a Group, a Community Host will contact you to answer any questions you may have.


Find more information about creating and managing groups in the How To: Use Groups document.


Inviting Others to Join a Group
  1. On the main group page, select Invite people to Join this group from the Actions sidebar.
  2. In the blue box, enter the email address of the person you want to invite. Separate each additional invitation using tab.
  3. Include a personal note and select, Send Invitiation.


Your message will include your personal note along with a link for others to join.

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