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How To: Insert an Image

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Images can be added to documents, discussions and blog posts. Images are displayed directly in the the content and can enhance your message.


Please note, maximum file size is 2.0 MB and images larger than 450px wide or 600px tall will be scaled to fit these limits in your content.


Follow the directions below to add an image to your content.




  1. Begin by starting a new discussion, blog post or opening a new document.
  2. Position your cursor to where you want the image to be inserted.
  3. Locate the edit toolbar at the top of your content pane.


  4. Select the camera icon.
    Note: If you hold your mouse over this icon, the help text, Insert Image appears.
  5. You have the option to upload a photo From your computer, select uploaded images, or From the Web using the tabs at the top of the insert image window.

    From Your Computer: Select Browse (or Choose File on Mac), navigate to the image on your computer and select Open (or Choose on Mac). Then select Insert Image.

    From Uploaded Images: If you have previously uploaded an image from your computer, you can select it from uploaded images. Then select Insert Image.

    From the Web: Enter the URL of the image (Example It should contain a website URL and typically will end with an image extension. The most common picture files on the web are .gif, .jpg, or .png. Then select Insert Image.
  6. Once you have inserted an image, it will appear in the body of content. By selecting the image within your content, you can move it. With the image selected, use the Align left, Align center, or Align right buttons in the edit toolbar to change how the text wraps around the image.


Avoiding Image Compression


Images that are uploaded to the Thinkfinity Community are automatically compressed, and can look blurry. To avoid this blurriness, here are our recommendations on image file types:


  • For photographic type images, please use JPG and make sure that the images are as high quality as possible.
  • For logos or images with blocks of flat color and no gradients, please use GIF or PNG8.
  • For images using effects such as drop shadows or glows, or require transparency, please use PNG24.



If you need to display the original image on the page, please follow the steps below:


  1. Select the "Insert Image" icon on the HTML editor.
  2. Select "From Your Computer" tab and select a file to upload the image to the server.
  3. Once you see the image has been uploaded and displayed in the HTML editor, click the "HTML (Toggle HTML Mode)" on the upper right hand side of the HTML editor.
  4. You now will see the HTML code in the HTML editor.
  5. Look for the <img> tab and find the attribute/text "src=" inside of the tag.
  6. You will see the path to your image listed after the text "src=".
  7. Copy that url without the double quotation marks.
  8. Click "Show Full Editor" link on the upper right-hand corner of the HTML editor.
  9. Delete the image that you inserted before.
  10. Click on the insert image icon again to insert a new image.
  11. Click on the "From the Web" tab and paste the URL copied in Step 7.  Click the "insert image" button to insert the image.

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