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How To: Manage Private Messages

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The Thinkfinity Community's private messages allow you to contact community members even if you don't know their email address. Follow the directions below to send and reply to private messages.


Sending a New Private Message:


  1. Select My Stuff > Private Messages from the gold navigation bar at the top of the page to locate your inbox.
  2. Select Compose Message, located in the left column. To enter the recipient's username you may either use the "To" field or click on the Select People which will open a box allowing you to locate members by selecting the appropriate tab: Browse, Friends, Search, Newest, or Address book.
  3. Enter the subject and type your message in to the main body window. Note that you may format your message as you like using the formatting icons located along the top margin of the body window.
  4. When complete select Send Message to deliver your message. An email notification will be sent to the recipient's regular email, and your message will appear in their community inbox.


Reading and Replying to a Private Message


  1. Click on the link provided in the email sent to your Web based email service. Alternatively, you can also log into the Verizon Thinkfinity Community and select My Stuff > Private Messages from the gold navigation bar.
  2. In your inbox, click on the subject line to open your messages.
  3. You will then be able to reply to the person who sent you the message by selecting reply in the upper left hand corner of the message.





  1. You can save up to 200 messages in your inbox. It is a good idea to delete outdated or unneeded messages.
  2. There is no Cc: or Bcc function in private messages. If you send a private message to multiple members, each person will only see their information and will not know that you sent the message to multiple members.
  3. When you receive a Thinkfinity Community email notification that you have a new private message, be sure you don't hit Reply in your email client to respond to the sender—in order to keep email addresses private, the email is generated from "". Instead, click on the link in the email to respond to the private message on the community.




To simulate a Cc: function, simply send the email to everyone who should receive it, and write "Cc:" and the names of people who are receiving the message as a courtesy.


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