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2013 VILS Virtual Conference: Mobile Technology for Learning, Teaching and Leading in STEM

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ISTE and the Verizon Foundation are proud to present the archives of all sessions from the 2013 Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Virtual Conference. This exciting event brought together all of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program participants and experts in the field for an inspiring learning opportunity that explored best practices and emerging strategies for mobile learning in STEM.


The conference included four strands - Pedagogy 3.0, Tech Integration, Leadership and Digital Citizenship - to support all aspects of a mobile learning initiative. While you're watching each session, be sure to read the backchannel discussions in the chat window for great ideas and resources. Add your thoughts at #vils2013 on Twitter, or through related discussions in the Thinkfinity Community.



Opening and Keynote (49 min.)

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Rose Kirk, President, Verizon Foundation






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Jim Vanides, Global Education Program Manager, HP

Re-Imagining STEMx Education: New Approaches to Teaching and Learning for a High Tech World

Discussion: Re-imagining STEM as STEMx: What's your acronym... | Thinkfinity

Pedagogy 3.0 Sessions

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Strategies for Improving Student Literacy with Mobile Devices - Ebony Schoon (59 min.)

Discussion: How can e-readers be used to engage students and to support STEM?





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Project-Based Learning with a 1:1 Initiative - Mandy Wilson (54 min.)

Discussion: Challenge- and Project-Based Learning: What projects are you excited to start?







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Resources for Differentiating with Mobile Learning - Karen Fasimpaur (62 min.)

Discussion: Differentiation: Do you use a "home base" to give students options?










Best Practices in Creating Blended Assignments - Kristin Kipp (60 min.)





Tech Integration Sessions




Virtual Learning Platforms - AJ Juliani (57 min.)

Discussion: What Virtual Learning Platform do you use or wa... | Thinkfinity



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Modifying Your Classroom Management with Mobile - Victor Fitzjarrald (65 min.)

Discussion: Classroom Management with Shared Mobile Devices: Where are you finding success?




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Building Lessons for Mobile Devices - Kimberly Boyd (59 min.)

Discussion: Power Apps (Organized by Student Product and Student Process)




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Improving Student Learning Through Mobile Learning - Harry Tuttle (55 min.)

Discussion: A Model for Interactive Webinars with Mobile Technology


Leadership Sessions

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1:1 Models Research - Jeni Corn (76 min.)










Social Media for Leaders, Teachers and Students - Patrick Larkin (52 min.)









Strategies for Leveraging the Common Core: Two for the Price of One - Donna Williamson (46 min.)









Sustainable Funding for Tech Initiatives - Heather Chirtea (61 min.)


Digital Citizenship Sessions

Mike Ribble.jpg


Digital Citizenship and Responsible Use - Mike Ribble (61 min.)










Being a Digital Citizen - Nick Sauers (59 min.)

Discussion: Digital Footprints: Have you and your students considered yours?





Jason Brand.jpg



1:1 at Home: Supporting Parents in a 1:1 School - Jason Brand (60 min.)







Mali Bickley 2.jpg


Using 2.0 to Connect Students Globally - Mali Bickley (56 min.)

VILS Project Snapshots and Closing (57 min.)

Lora Ballard (Niemes Elementary, CA), Robert Crone and Myra Watkins (Hartford Middle, OH), Charlie Kidder (Willis Junior High, AZ)


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Brian Lewis, CEO, ISTE


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