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Webinar Index

The following document is an index of the webinars hosted by Thinkfinity's Content Partners and ISTE. The webinars vary in length, but typically run between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Simply select the link of the webinar you would like to view to access the recording.


VILS Virtual Conference

2013 VILS Virtual Conference: Mobile Technology for Learning, Teaching and Leading in STEM

ISTE and the Verizon Foundation are proud to present the archives of all 19 sessions from the 2013 Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Virtual Conference. This exciting event brought together all of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program participants and experts in the field for an inspiring learning opportunity that explored best practices and emerging strategies for mobile learning in STEM.



Other Webinars:


Digital Learning (Mobile Devices and Tablets)



I have an iPad- Now What?

Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young

Description: Touch tablets—iPad and Android—are the consumer electronic with the fastest adoption rate ever. In exploring ways these devices will impact education, many districts are beginning with school administrators. This workshop provides an opportunity for new iPad users to learn some critical usage skills and also explore School Technology tools and strategies for selecting apps that support instruction use on the iPad.

Partner: ISTE


Mobile Devices in the Science Classroom

Presenter: Ben and Jared

Description: Science and technology form a natural bond that allows for the creation of a better learning environment for students and teachers.  Attend this webinar to learn how to change the face of a traditional science classroom through the use of mobile devices, apps, Google Apps for Education and a complete change to the process of scientific inquiry.

Partner: ISTE


iPad for Beginners

Presenter: Chris O'Neal

Description: iPads are famous for not coming with any kind of instruction manual. Learn things you might not pick up on immediately, as well as tricks to make the iPad an integral part of your, and your students' learning.

Partner: ISTE


iPod Touches in the K-12 Classroom

Presenter: Robert Craven

Description: Tiny devices, big impact. Learn how manage your iPod Touches, take your devices online, and of course, encourage creation in the classroom. Robert Craven is an educator with a technology obsession. An educator for over 15 years now, Robert quickly realized the impact technology made on both his teaching and student learning; this discovery started him on his endless journey into the integration, development and practice of technology and curricular integration.

Partner: ISTE


iPad for Intermediate/Advanced Users

Presenter: Chris O'Neal

Description: Now that you've had your iPad for a while, you're comfortable with it. But you would like to be more productive and less clunky with it. Learn how this nimble device can help you be more efficient and effective in the classroom and beyond.

Partner: ISTE


Android Tablets for Beginners

Presenter: Robbie Grimes

Description: There are so many Android flavors on the market. In this session, Robbie Grimes provides an introduction to Android tablets including the hardware and software. Additionally, he provides tips for implementing Android tablets in your classroom.

Partner: ISTE


Getting Past the Glitz: Choosing Apps that Support Instruction

Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young

Description: First use of a new technology often becomes entrenched use - even when better resources are identified later. Educators must approach use of tablets and other touch technologies with a critical eye. This session offers tools educators can use to expand their own understanding of the importance of - and strategies for - selecting mobile apps for instructional uses as part of a school's overall plan for effective instruction.

Partner: ISTE


Android Tablets for Intermediate/Advanced Users

Presenter: Robbie Grimes

Description: If you are already familiar with the Android tablet, you might be interested to know how to utilize Android tablets in the classroom. Robbie also gives tips for managing tablets in a classroom.

Partner: ISTE


Edmodo As a Classroom Management Tool

Presenter: Victor Fitzjarrald

Description: This webinar covers the practical aspects for how to implement Edmodo in your K-12 classroom. The session will cover how to create groups for your classes, using the assignment and quiz tool as well as communication options within the platform. The session will also touch on ways to integrate this tool into your classroom practice.

Partner: ISTE


BYOD Programs: Baby Steps for Schools

Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young

Description: BYOD initiatives are growing in popularity, but they require thoughtful planning and implementation. This session will provide opportunities to familiarize yourself with current research and trends related to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives, consider factors that increase chances for a successful implementation as well as provides a few baby steps for schools to consider before rolling out their BYOD program.

Partner: ISTE


Pedagogical Practices


Best Practices in Creating Blended Assignments

Presenter: Kristin Kipp

Description: In this session, Kristin Kipp, the iNACOL National Online Teacher of the Year will share best practices in creating blended assignments for your classroom. Blended assignments are those that incorporate both face-to-face elements as well as online elements to create a truly unique educational experience for students.

Partner: ISTE


Project Based Learning with a 1:1 Initiative

Presenter: Mandy Wilson

Description: Learn how to design and implement project-based learning (PBL) in the classroom. PBL takes students through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge.

Partner: ISTE

Improve Student Literacy

Presenter: Ebony Schoon

Description: This session will help you develop the skills needed to use mobile devices for increasing student engagement in literacy in order to meet the demands of the Common Core Standards.

Partner: ISTE


Resources for Differentiating with Mobile Learning

Presenter: Karen Fasimpaur

Description: This session will focus on free, open-licensed content resources that can be used to differentiate learning in mobile environments. You’ll leave this session with a plethora of great content that you can put to immediate use with your learners.

Partner: ISTE

The Basics of Flipped Learning

Presenter: Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams

Description: Learn more about Flipped Learning and how to reach all of your students in every class every day. This overview will introduce participants to the concept of flipped learning: Where educators are actively transferring the responsibility and ownership of learning to the students.

Partner: ISTE


Meeting the Demands of the Common Core: Mentoring Readers of Science and Technical Texts

Presenter: Doug Buehl

Description:Discover why integrating literacy practices into the flow of regular disciplinary instruction is integral to 21st-century learners. As students strive to meet new rigorous standards, teachers of science, mathematics, and technical subjects face an urgent need to mentor students as readers of the varied texts of their disciplines. The Common Core State Literacy Standards expect students in the STEM disciplines to meet 10 reading standards that assume learners are regularly reading and comprehending complex texts in these disciplines. As a result, all teachers must ensure that students can independently access the knowledge in technical texts.

Partner: ReadWriteThink, IRA


Khan Academy: The Long "Khan" or Ed Reform?

Presenter: Victor Fitzjarrald

Description: This session will explain what Khan Academy is, how it got started, the pros and cons as well as how it can be used to support differentiated instruction as well as remediation. Finally, the presenter will discuss of Khan Academy can support the "flipped classroom" model.

Partner: ISTE


Reaching English Language Learners with Verizon Thinkfinity

Presenter: Tammy Dewan

Description: This 90 minute presentation provides a tour of resources available to assist teachers of English Language Learners. Please be aware that the webinar references the old Verizon Thinkfinity site.


Teaching and Learning Tools


Google Forms

Presenter: Tammy Worcester

Description: In this session, we'll go beyond the basics to make Google Spreadsheets and Forms more powerful by: Using formulas, functions, and scripts; Creating our own custom charts and graphs; Adding logic-branching to our forms; Finding (and creating our own) cool templates; and more! We'll also take advantage of the collaborative brainpower in the room during a sharing / problem-solving time. Bring any Google SS & Forms solutions you'd like to show off, or come with a question or problem to challenge the group.


National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)

Presenter: Jenny Wei

Description: Join an educator from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History to explore history of science, math, and technology—and resources to help you share this content with your students. We are planning to feature videos, lesson plans, and interactives from Smithsonian’s History Explorer, but we want to address topics that will be helpful to you. Please share your ideas or questions to help us make this workshop useful to you.

Partner: Smithsonian History Explorer


Think Possibilities: Thinkfinity's FREE Online Tools!

Presenter: Tammy Dewan

Description: This 30 minute webinar will provide a tour of the wealth of Thinkfinity resources available. Please be aware that many of the slides reference the old Thinkfinity site.


Tips and Tricks for Teaching with Digital Media

Presenter: Carolyn Jacobs, MaryAnn Tourkantonis, Molly Sorrows

Description: This 36 minute recorded presentation provides a tour of a wealth of resources that can be used when building STEM lesson plans.

Partner: WGBH and Teacher's Domain (


A Tour of ArtsEdge

Presenter: Lori Gracey

Description: This 32 minute webinar provides a tour of the ArtsEdge website as well as provides links to content and resources from the ArtsEdge website.
Partner: Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, ArtsEdge


A Tour of EconEdLink

Presenter: Mark Moore

Description: This 24 minute webinar provides a tour of the EconEdLink website provided by the Council for Economic Education. Please be aware there may be some minor redesigns of the site since this webinar was recorded.


A Tour of EDSITEment

Presenter: Lori Gracey

Description: This 32 minute webinar provides a tour of the EDSITEment website which is a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Please be aware there may be some minor redesigns of the website since the webinar was recorded.


A Tour of National Geographic Education

Presenter: Lori Gracey

Description: This 31 minute webinar provides a brief overview of and a tour of the National Geographic Education website. Please be aware that there may be some minor redesigns of the website since the webinar was recorded.


A Tour of Science NetLinks

Presenter: Lori Gracey

Description: In this 37 minute webinar, Lori provides a tour of the ScienceNetLinks which is a project of the Directorate for Education and Human Resources Porgrams of the American Association of the Advancement of Science. Please be aware that there may be some minor redesigns of the website since the webinar was recorded.


Civil War Stories from Smithsonian's History Explorer

Presenter: Naomi Coquillon

Description: This 31 minute webinar provides a tour of the resources available on the History Explorer website related to the Civil War.

Partner: National Endowment for the Humanities


Real Stories, Real Stuff: Teaching with Resources from the Smithsonian

Presenter: Jenny Wei

Description: This hour long webinar provides an in-depth view of how to use physical and digital objects to engage learners.

Partner: National Museum of American History


Tour of Smithsonian's History Explorer 2.0

Presenter: Jenny Wei

Description: This 40 minute webinar provides a tour of the updated History Explorer website. Please be aware that there may be some minor redesigns of the website since this webinar was recorded.

Partner: National Museum of American History


A Tour of Wonderopolis

Presenter: Patty Bridge

Description: This 23 minute webinar provides a brief tour of the Wonderopolis site, a Thinkfinity partner. Please be aware that there may be some minor redesigns to the website since the webinar was recorded.


School Technology and Leadership


How to Craft a Sustainable Technology Program

Presenter: Heather Chirtea

Description: Digital Wish’s year-long study on sustaining technology programs revealed that the most successful schools develop multiple sources of revenue, they trigger strong community engagement, and they prioritize daily support and training for teachers. We’ll provide an easy-to-follow action plan that will help your school to develop sustainable funding for your technology initiative.

Partner: ISTE



Improving Student Learning through Mobile Learning: Lesson Learned

Presenter: Harry Tuttle

Description: Learn how some districts and schools are using mobile learning to transform learning in their classrooms and create more engaged students who use higher-level thinking skills.

Partner: ISTE


Mobile Technologies and the Common Core Standards- Two for the Price of One

Presenter: Donna Williamson

Description: Mobile technologies are inspiring and empowering students all over the world to publish online, think critically, and evaluate resources. These tools are also serving as a valuable teaching and learning tool to customize student learning. Anytime, anywhere data on what a student needs to meet Common Core Standards is critical. In this session, we will discuss how various mobile technologies are helping teachers integrate technology skills, as outlined in the Common Core Standards, and customize learning for each child.

Partner: ISTE


Building Lessons for iDevices

Presenter: Kimberly Boyd

Description: There’s an app for that, but then what do you do with it? This presentation helps participants go beyond finding the “cool” apps and assists teachers in integrating them effectively into the curriculum. The presenter will share lesson ideas and product samples.

Partner: ISTE



Social Media for Leaders, Teachers, and Students

Presenter: Patrick Larkin

Description: Social media is learning media with the capacity to allow those who utilize it wisely to collaborate with learners in ways that were previously unimaginable in our schools. This session looks at the role social media played in the evolution of Burlington High School in Massachusetts. Explore how this amazing transformation can happen in your classrooms and schools if you are willing to embrace these modern resources.

Partner: ISTE


Modifying Classroom Management for Mobile Devices

Presenter: Victor Fitzjarrald

Description:When anything new is added toa classroom, it takes planning and a shift in classroom management to make a successful transition. Mobile devices are no exception, and often times mobile learning makes classroom management exponentially more difficult. This session will cover the in’s and out’s of classroom management for mobile devices, including electronic management apps and programs, student screen capture, and device management.

Partner: ISTE


1:1 Models Research

Presenter:Jenifer Corn

Description: Discover what we have learned from the North Carolina 1:1 Learning Technology Initiative: Evaluation Study of Laptops in North Carolina High Schools. The presenter will discuss the critical building blocks for an effective 1:1 computing environment. A summative handout of research findings will be distributed.

Partner: ISTE


Virtual Learning Platforms

Presenter: A.J. Juliani

Description: Virtual learning platforms (VLPs) extend the classroom beyond traditional walls and boundaries. This session will focus on how VLPs can enhance collaboration within schools, foster digital growth, and improve instruction and student achievement.

Partner: ISTE


Google for Admins

Presenter: Wendy Gorton

Description: Google for Administrators (GWA) introduces participants to innovative ways Google tools can be used in educational leadership. This fast-paced presentation with hands-on activities includes experience with advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and inspirational strategies for instruction and leadership.

Partner: ISTE


Google Sites for Administrators

Presenter: AJ Julliani

Description: Class websites, web quests, ePortfolios, real-timecollaboration. The buzz words of 21st century teaching and learning can all be applied using Google Sites. Google Sites allows for students to work together (or individually) in real-time, providing endless possibilities for collaboration. We’ll take a look at examples, and get your started on your own ePortfolio.

Partner: ISTE


School Administrators: Leading with Verizon Thinkfinity

Presenter: Lori Gracey

Description: This 23 minute webinar provides an overview of the wealth of Thinkfinity resources available for School Administrators. Please be aware that many of the slides reference the old Thinkfinity site.

Coaching and Mentoring


Digital Age Coaching

Presenters: Kim McMonagle and Holly Jobe

Description: Coaches, technology facilitators, technology integration specialists, and others who help classroom teachers integrate technology into the classroom are instrumental in the effective implementation of the NETS for Teachers. With the guidance of a coach, teachers can leverage the power of technology to engage students in their learning and help them develop digital age skills. - ISTE's NETS for coaches.

Partner: ISTE


Digital Citizenship


Using 2.0 to Connect Students Globally

Presenters: Mali Bickley and Jim Carleton

Description: Learn how to use technology to connect, create communities, foster co-learning and change teaching in classrooms around the globe. Experience a showcase variety of collaborative projects that connect students in inquiry-based learning opportunities.

Partner: ISTE


1:1 at Home: Supporting Parents in a 1:1 School

Presenter: Jason Brand

Description: For a 1:1 laptop or tablet program to be truly successful a student’s whole world needs to be considered. This requires everyone being involved and parents along with the home environment are a crucial piece. This practical, hands-on session is designed to give educators the tools they need to support their parent community.

Partner: ISTE


Being a Digital Citizen

Presenter: Nick Sauers

Description: Discover how leaders and teachers can effectively leverage technology initiatives as a tool for changing teaching and learning. Key factors of success implementation will be shared as well as common pitfalls experienced by many schools.

Partner: ISTE


Digital Citizenship and Responsible Use

Presenter: Mark Ribble

Description: With all the innovation technology brings to education, one basic concept is being overlooked—understanding responsible use. Tools are available to students and educators, but using them safely, securely, and ethically is what educators and parents want and need for students. This session will focus on the policies and practices that districts have considered in order to ensure responsible use of technology.

Partner: ISTE


Pictures of Practice (Project Highlights)


School Project Snapshot

Presenter: Charles Carroll MS Team

Description: This project describes the first year experience of Charles Carroll Middle School's implementation of mobile devices. Through this webinar, you will hear first hand experiences and get ideas for management and implementation of mobile devices in the classroom.

Partner: ISTE


Project Snapshots

Description: Educators invited from various VILS schools will share their insights, progress and successes in short snapshot presentations.

Partner: ISTE


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