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Webinar Index

The following document is an index of the webinars hosted by Thinkfinity's content partners and ISTE. The webinars vary in length, but typically run between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Simply click the link of the webinar you would like to view to access the recording.




Digital Learning (Mobile Devices and Tablets)


iPad for Beginners

Presenter: Chris O'Neal

Description: iPads are famous for not coming with any kind of instruction manual. Learn things you might not pick up on immediately, as well as tricks to make the iPad an integral part of your, and your students' learning.

Partner: ISTE


iPod Touches in the K-12 Classroom

Presenter: Robert Craven

Description: Tiny devices, big impact. Learn how manage your iPod Touches, take your devices online, and of course, encourage creation in the classroom. Robert Craven is an educator with a technology obsession. An educator for over 15 years now, Robert quickly realized the impact technology made on both his teaching and student learning; this discovery started him on his endless journey into the integration, development and practice of technology and curricular integration.

Partner: ISTE


iPad for Intermediate/Advanced Users

Presenter: Chris O'Neal

Description: Now that you've had your iPad for a while, you're comfortable with it. But you would like to be more productive and less clunky with it. Learn how this nimble device can help you be more efficient and effective in the classroom and beyond.

Partner: ISTE


Android Tablets for Beginners

Presenter: Robbie Grimes

Description: There are so many Android flavors on the market. In this session, Robbie Grimes provides an introduction to Android tablets including the hardware and software. Additionally, he provides tips for implementing Android tablets in your classroom.

Partner: ISTE


Getting Past the Glitz: Choosing Apps that Support Instruction

Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young

Description: First use of a new technology often becomes entrenched use - even when better resources are identified later. Educators must approach use of tablets and other touch technologies with a critical eye. This session offers tools educators can use to expand their own understanding of the importance of - and strategies for - selecting mobile apps for instructional uses as part of a school's overall plan for effective instruction.

Partner: ISTE


Android Tablets for Intermediate/Advanced Users

Presenter: Robbie Grimes

Description: If you are already familiar with the Android tablet, you might be interested to know how to utilize Android tablets in the classroom. Robbie also gives tips for managing tablets in a classroom.

Partner: ISTE


Edmodo As a Classroom Management Tool

Presenter: Victor Fitzjarrald

Description: This webinar covers the practical aspects for how to implement Edmodo in your K-12 classroom. The session will cover how to create groups for your classes, using the assignment and quiz tool as well as communication options within the platform. The session will also touch on ways to integrate this tool into your classroom practice.

Partner: ISTE


BYOD Programs: Baby Steps for Schools

Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young

Description: BYOD initiatives are growing in popularity, but they require thoughtful planning and implementation. This session will provide opportunities to familiarize yourself with current research and trends related to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives, consider factors that increase chances for a successful implementation as well as provides a few baby steps for schools to consider before rolling out their BYOD program.

Partner: ISTE


Pedagogical Practices


Meeting the Demands of the Common Core: Mentoring Readers of Science and Technical Texts

Presenter: Doug Buehl

Description:Discover why integrating literacy practices into the flow of regular disciplinary instruction is integral to 21st-century learners. As students strive to meet new rigorous standards, teachers of science, mathematics, and technical subjects face an urgent need to mentor students as readers of the varied texts of their disciplines. The Common Core State Literacy Standards expect students in the STEM disciplines to meet 10 reading standards that assume learners are regularly reading and comprehending complex texts in these disciplines. As a result, all teachers must ensure that students can independently access the knowledge in technical texts.

Partner: ReadWriteThink, IRA


Khan Academy: The Long "Khan" or Ed Reform?

Presenter: Victor Fitzjarrald

Description: This session will explain what Khan Academy is, how it got started, the pros and cons as well as how it can be used to support differentiated instruction as well as remediation. Finally, the presenter will discuss of Khan Academy can support the "flipped classroom" model.

Partner: ISTE


Teaching and Learning Tools


National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)

Presenter: Jenny Wei

Description: Join an educator from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History to explore history of science, math, and technology—and resources to help you share this content with your students. We are planning to feature videos, lesson plans, and interactives from Smithsonian’s History Explorer, but we want to address topics that will be helpful to you. Please share your ideas or questions to help us make this workshop useful to you.

Partner: Smithsonian History Explorer


Think Possibilities: Thinkfinity's FREE Online Tools!

Presenter: Tammy Dewan

Description: This 30 minute webinar will provide a tour of the wealth of Thinkfinity resources available. Please be aware that many of the slides reference the old Thinkfinity site.

Partner: Verizon Thinkfinity


A Tour of ArtsEdge

Presenter: Lori Gracey

Description: This 32 minute webinar provides a tour of the ArtsEdge website as well as provides links to content and resources from the ArtsEdge website.
Partner: Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, ArtsEdge




School Technology and Leadership


Google Sites for Administrators

Presenter: AJ Julliani

Description: Class websites, web quests, ePortfolios, real-timecollaboration. The buzz words of 21st century teaching and learning can all be applied using Google Sites. Google Sites allows for students to work together (or individually) in real-time, providing endless possibilities for collaboration. We’ll take a look at examples, and get your started on your own ePortfolio.

Partner: ISTE

Coaching and Mentoring


Digital Age Coaching

Presenters: Kim McMonagle and Holly Jobe

Description: Coaches, technology facilitators, technology integration specialists, and others who help classroom teachers integrate technology into the classroom are instrumental in the effective implementation of the NETS for Teachers. With the guidance of a coach, teachers can leverage the power of technology to engage students in their learning and help them develop digital age skills. - ISTE's NETS for coaches.

Partner: ISTE


Verizon Innovative Learning Schools: Introduction and Orientation

Presenter: Yoly and Team

Description: This webinar is an introduction to the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools project. It describes the project which includes a needs assessment and onsite project kickoff workshop, VILS online PD program, mentor program, classroom observation and the Verizon Thinkfinity community.

Partner: ISTE and Verizon Foundation

Pictures of Practice (Project Highlights)


School Project Snapshot

Presenter: Charles Carroll MS Team

Description: This project describes the first year experience of Charles Carroll Middle School's implementation of mobile devices. Through this webinar, you will hear first hand experiences and get ideas for management and implementation of mobile devices in the classroom.

Partner: ISTE


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