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Welcome to the Professional Development Community for all educators. Here you can access free webinars and other online learning opportunities from Verizon Thinkfinity and our partners to support your continued professional growth.

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Featured Theme: Digital Citizenship

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Connect with other educators around Mobile Learning in the Digital Citizenship Group.

Being a Digital Citizen

Discover how leaders and teachers can effectively leverage technology initiatives as a tool for changing teaching and learning. Key factors of success implementation will be shared as well as common pitfallsexperienced by many schools.

Digital Citizenship and Responsible Use

With all the innovation technology brings to education, one basic concept is being overlooked—understanding responsible use. Tools are available to students and educators, but using them safely, securely,and ethically is what educators and parents want and need for students. This session will focus on the policies and practices that districts have considered in order to ensure responsible use of technology.

Empowering Our Students to Be Digital Citizens

As schools increasingly integrate technology, they face challenges with behavioral and ethical issues that arise from students, such as cyberbullying, inappropriate sharing, and plagiarism. Digital citizenship is an essential 21st century skill in which students are safe, responsible, and respectful participants in a digital world.


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This space is dedicated to supporting the professional growth of educators as they work to integrate technology into their teaching activities. It is intended to complement the vast array of resources for educators available within the greater Thinkfinity Community.

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