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Who has potential?

mwedwards Posted by mwedwards in Community Hub on Jan 15, 2014 10:06:04 PM
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When you read this quote, does anyone in particular come to mind?

What about you, do you feel like you could use this reminder occasionally … or maybe frequently?

I think this is one sign that I need to look at ….

I am so glad Krissy Venosdale of shares her wonderful creations with us …

When I saw this sign the first time, it made me smile, close my eyes, and just be calm!

It also reminded me of something I read recently …

I have just begun reading iBloom’s iChoose2 Love My Life book.

Even though I have only started, I feel so encouraged …

Especially by this quote:

“There is a whole lot of potential in you that is just waiting to get out.”

This quote made me smile just like seeing the sign at the top of this post!

I needed to see these!

And maybe you do too …..

Or you could share them with the person you thought of at the beginning of this post ….

Can you think of any students that need to hear that quote more often?


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