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Focus + Purpose = Learning

mwedwards Posted by mwedwards in Community Hub on Jan 8, 2014 9:15:29 PM

I knew my husband and daughter were going to Raleigh, NC to a NC State basketball game last Saturday …

I did not realize I had a ticket too


Until the night before the game


The game was not until 8pm so I wondered if there was anything we could do in Raleigh ...


After some discussion, we decided to take our daughter to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh in the afternoon before the late game …

So I quickly started searching for things for my daughter to do while we were at the museum:


I thought about a scavenger hunt …


But then I read some posts and comments that mentioned how some kids (and adults) get so concerned with completing the scavenger hunt page that they miss out on the art and the experience of the art museum …


I can see my daughter doing that


So I needed to find something else …


I decided I was giving to give her two choices (providing choice is great for motivation) … found on one of the sites above:


I Spy an Eye (which I called the Eye Investigator)
Nothing is as fascinating as eyes. They can say so many different things. Even very young children are captivated by a person’s eyes. Make a game of finding the paintings with the best eyes…and hunt for as many different kinds of eyes as you can find.

When children select a painting, ask them what the eyes tell them about the person. Or notice how many brush strokes it took to paint the eye.

The great thing about this game is it helps you focus on just a few works of art in each room. Children will have fun scanning the art in a room to find the one with eyes that intrigue them. Answering questions about what the eyes say creates a reason to stop and look more deeply at the painting.

Art Collector
In this game, everyone picks a favorite painting in each room you visit. Then they select their top ten to include in their collection of favorites. You can be your child’s secretary, writing down the ones they pick as their favorites. You can also ask them why they like each one and write down their answers. The game – and museum visit – is over when each child has collected a certain number of favorites.

This gives kids a sense of control over the visit.


Our school system has done training on project and problem-based learning … these scenarios remind me of that in many ways …


I though I knew which one she would pick …


I was NOT correct …


She chose to be the Art Collector …


And did a really great job carrying her little notebook all around with a purpose and a focus (not that I am biased or anything).


She had a great time … we all did … and can’t wait to go back!

With a purpose and directed focus, she was able to enjoy and take advantage of an opportunity for discovery and learning …


I think the questions on Wonderopolis  can help provide a purpose and focus for learning!


Here are some past wonders related to art:

What is pointillism?

Are you handy when it comes to art?

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