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Teachers Must Let Students Use Their Mobile Phones in Classrooms

Jane Brown Posted by Jane Brown in Community Hub on Aug 30, 2013 12:04:44 AM

We are very proud of AMANDA GILLESPIE, a VILS tech coach, who was interviewed for a leadership article titled, Teachers Must Let Students Use Their Mobile Phones in Classrooms (Forbes, August 19, 2013).


amanda_gillespie.PNGDid her title make you want to read her article? Are you a teacher who is innovatively integrating mobile technology into your curriculum? Do you think mobile technology can increase student achievement and interest in learning? Do you think mobile technology can empower students to be more independent learners?  Do you long for professional development to be able to implement mobile devices in your teaching? Do you teach the way you were taught? Are you meeting the needs of your 21st Century students?


"A Verizon Foundation survey, conducted by TRUE, on middle school students' use of mobile technology revealed that one in three students use smartphones and tablets for homework. But only 6 percent are allowed to use smartphones (18 percent for tablets) in the classroom. Interestingly, the survey also uncovered that the students who are allowed to use these devices in the classroom are more interested in STEM subjects.


After reading Amanda's comments, tell us what you think about using mobile technology in the classroom.  Did Amanda's comments change your thinking in any way?


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