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All in a Data Filled Day

cgiddens Posted by cgiddens in Community Hub on May 9, 2012 11:13:08 AM


"Always exploring the world around them"

photo by C.M. Giddens

“Data driven decision making” is probably one of the biggest buzz phrases in education today. Some helpful data for teachers would be having a good handle on their students learning styles. Are we as aware of our students’ learning styles as we should be? As teachers we are sometimes at fault for teaching the way we were taught—or feel most comfortable teaching. Fortunately our tech rich world offers many online tools to help with meeting multiple intelligence and cognitive styles.




Here are a couple of sites to help assess multiple intelligence and cognitive styles:








I invite you to explore the following  Thinkfinity resources and activities that may help some targeted learning styles:



ComicCreator150.png1.  Linguistic—Need a fun activity for your student to express themselves about a topic? Try Comic Creator.
2.  Logical-Mathematical—is your student a natural problem solver? Challenge them with this Arrange Chairs at a restaurant interactive.ArrangeChairs_150.png
LearningtheShapes_150.png3.  Visual/Spatial—Working on geometry skills? Your visual/spatial learner will like this Learning the Shapes interactive.


4.  Musical—Does your student like to tap to the music? Let them try this Quakin Rhythms or learn more about Hip Hop.

Dance_150.png5.  Bodily Kinesthetic—What better way to learn about a culture than through dance!
6.  Interpersonal—Is your young writer ready to publish? Try this Printing Press.PrintingPress_150.png


7.  Intrapersonal—Does your student love researching about animals?

8.  Naturistic—Here we are in the natural world—have your naturist explore the Big Cat problem.BigCats_150.png


What online resources do you use to teach to a particular learning style?



cgiddens grew up in NC and came to Charleston, SC, to attend the College of Charleston and has never left. She has worked for the SC Department of Education for 12 years. She enjoys working with instructional tech coaches across the state.


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