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Jane Brown Posted by Jane Brown in Help Center on Dec 19, 2013 5:45:40 PM

Complete your own profile and update it frequently

  1. Select the small arrow next to your name.
  2. Select Edit profile and privacy.
  3. Be sure to enter a bio, list your expertise, and add a photo so others may recognize you.


Find a colleague

  1. Select Browse > People in the dark red navigation bar.
  2. Type a colleagues name into the "Type to filter by text" field.
  3. Be sure you are looking at the card format (if in list format, select the four squares in the upper right corner of the list view)
  4. Do you see the person you are looking for?
  5. Now select the cog wheel in in the right lower corner of their card to flip his or her card.
  6. You may now friend this person and receive notification when they post a discussion within the community. You may send him or her a direct message. Or, you may start a private discussion with the person.


Find an expert

  1. Select Browse > People in the dark red navigation bar.
  2. Select Relevance and Filter by Tag or Browse more tags to specify the expertise you want to find.
  3. Continue from #3 above.


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