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Shahi - A visual dictionary
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  • smy1991
    smy1991 on May 02, 2013
    "1) This website allows you to type in a word and it will give you the definition, sentenaces using that word, and pictures describing that word.  2) In an English class this would be a great website for the students to use to learn unknown vocabulary. 3) It is important for the students to know the vocabulary word in any form they see it."
  • carmenwest
    carmenwest on May 02, 2013
    "Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images, and more. I love this site :)"
  • amanda.winford
    amanda.winford on April 14, 2013
    "I see myself using this site with my ELL students or even my students who are having trouble reading. Incorporating visuals when learning vocabulary is so important."
  • staolive
    staolive on April 04, 2013
    "Great Picture dictionary.  Gives definition, part of speech, and a choice of pictures."
  • akurtz
    akurtz on April 03, 2013
    "This is a visual dictionary that could be useful for ELL students, and for difficult concepts where visuals would be helpful.  Caution must be taken when using, because there isn't really a filter, so make sure students don't search for anything you don't approve of first."


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