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  • ashleiwrinkles
    ashleiwrinkles on April 16, 2014
    "This website is useful in helping teachers to understand and apply the Common Core standards in their lesson plans.  As an educator I would use this in my  classroom when making lesson plans or meeting common core standards.  This sight would be very helpful in the world of education because we teach to the standards and in order to do so we must know what those standards are and ways we may incorporate them into our daily lessons."
  • tiffanychen
    tiffanychen on February 25, 2014
    "1. This website helps teachers and administrators with the common core it gives lesson, and help teachers better understand the subject areas in the common core. 2.this is a great website to have when you might be stuck on a standard, lesson plan,  or planing for your grade.
    3. The information matters because it is helpful to teachers and helps people understand the common core better"
  • chelseaturner
    chelseaturner on February 18, 2014
    "Great Resources for understanding CCSS and practical tools to help teachers and students."
  • kristen.keller
    kristen.keller on December 11, 2013
    "The purpose of this website is to help educators make actions based on evidence to improve student achievement. This website will be very useful to educators to help with students and to help to better understand the standards if help is needed.
    This website matters in the world of education because it helps to improve the achievement of students and helps to successfully teach the ccss.
  • ashlee.davidson@smail.astate.e
    ashlee.davidson@smail.astate.e on December 05, 2013
    "1.) Thisvwebsite is working to support teachers in their efforts to realize the promise of common core state standards for all students.
    2.) This website offers tools to help students and teachers see their hard work and deliver results. 

    3.) This information is important because it is set  aside to help both the students and the teacher see results for common core."
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